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1) Multiple Sclerosis: Genuine Naked Eye Identification

Those who have explored the standard literature on the subject of multiple sclerosis might have wondered about the significance of the historical drawings chosen as frontispieces for many of its works: Were the masterly old plates given a prominent place merely to serve as embellishments? Were they intended to arouse curiosity? Or were they rather meant to provide essential information?

And what the dead
had no speech for,
when living,
They can tell you,
being dead.

T. S. Eliot, 1942

The following deliberations ought to make clear that those who content themselves with simply marvelling at the beauty and strangeness of these old lithographs, which appear so alien to the subject matter and from the


present thinking on multiple sclerosis, are prevented from grasping the message of what constitutes the key evidence on the disease's nature and cause.

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